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The Prospect Trust

Academy Quality Councils

Academy Quality Councils (AQCs) contribute to the effective functioning of our Academies as 'critical friends'.  Councillors scrutinise the quality of education provided by the Academy on behalf of students, families and the community. The prime role of the AQC is to provide feedback and constructive challenge to the Academy and Trust leadership in relation to the Academy's performance, ethos and local reputation.  

AQCs comprise volunteers, appointed or elected, to act as a direct link between the Academy and the Trust Board.  Scrutiny is mainly undertaken through regular meetings, but Councillors are also invited to engage with their Academies through a wider range of activities to gain a broader sense of the overall quality of provision.

The AQC is responsible for ensuring the Academy operates in a manner that is supportive of the mission and ethos of the Trust, contributing to its key strategic priorities. 

To request access to the minutes of the AQC meetings, please contact us by email to