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The Prospect Trust

The Trust

The Prospect Trust was established in September 2017.  Our main purpose is to enable strategic collaboration between education providers in order to maintain and improve standards.  

Vision and mission

Our vision is to for the Trust to be a dynamic family of local academies driving academic excellence in our community.  Our mission is to provide outstanding education, focusing clearly on excellent, innovative teaching, learning and pastoral care for all learners.

The Trust’s core values are:

  • Partnership:     working together we can deliver better and more effectively than working alone.

  • Restlessness:   the current state is never good enough.

  • Trust:                 open and transparent in everything we do.

  • Quality:              aspire to be the best in everything we do.

The Trust’s strategic aims are to:

  • Develop skilled and effective teachers to implement our pedagogic priorities and deliver outstanding education and outcomes for all of our learners
  • Improve progression opportunities for all our learners, raising aspirations and smoothing transition cliff edges
  • Embed a culture of collaborative working and sharing good practice across all Trust academies
  • Develop an innovative, inspirational workforce with outstanding opportunities for career progression
  • Build on strong purposeful relationships with business, community and education partners
  • Embed and support a business model for operation which is efficient and financially sustainable 
  • Grow the Trust, expanding the family of partner Academies in line with our Vision

The Prospect Trust will build on the considerable strengths within its Academies so that each is an exceptional beacon of excellence within its phase of education. Cost-effective core services will continue to develop to support all Trust Academies in realising their goals; all members of the Trust communities will work as one to that aim.

The young people entrusted to us will have a curriculum and enrichment offer which is engaging, enjoyable and provides genuine challenge and progression. Outstanding teaching, alongside support to accelerate personal development, will help learners to achieve success in nationally valued qualifications together with the essential skills and attitudes needed to negotiate a lifetime of opportunities and challenges successfully.