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The Prospect Trust

What will change?

Our aim is to build on each Academy's existing strengths to enable it to:

  • Deliver high-quality learning and improved outcomes for its students
  • Provide a stimulating environment to learn and work for all of its students and staff
  • Become the school of choice for learners in its local area. 

The positive changes that Academies joining TPT can expect to see are detailed below: 


  • Members of the existing Governing Body will form the School's initial Academy Quality Council (AQC).
  • The AQC is responsible for monitoring the quality of education provided by the Academy.  It works closely with the Academy Principal and reports to the Trust Board.
  • The Trust Board is ultimately accountable for the strategic direction and performance of each Academy within the Trust.


  • The Academy Principal reports directly to the CEO of the Trust.  The Principal is also accountable to the AQC on matters relating to students' academic performance and personal development.
  • Future appointments to the Senior Leadership Team of each Academy are made by the Trust Executive, with Trust Board approval and input from the AQC.

Support Services 

  • Support services that include HR, payroll, finance, estates, health and safety, IT and Careers Information Advice and Guidance will be accessed from, and managed by, Trust core service teams rather than the Local Education Authority.
  • Certain core service teams, including HR and finance, may have a local presence at each Academy, depending on its size.

Financial Management

  • The Trust's central finance team will, with significant involvement from the Academy's Principal, establish the academy's annual budget and manage its financial performance.
  • Significant investment decisions will be the responsibility of the Trust Board, in consultation with Academy leaders